Bully-proofing your







Bullies are children who deep, deep inside feel lost and very fearful. They donít want to experience their painful feelings. In an attempt to regain their position, they make fun of others or they command others to do their bidding. Bullies intimidate others in the hope that they gain respect and recognition.  However, they create just the opposite situation. Unfortunately, these bullies havenít learned how to deal with their emotions and feelings in a constructive way Ė they are out of control when it comes to dealing with their emotions.. As a result, they contribute to the creation of new bullies. Sadly enough, this causes the chain of bullying and intimidation to continue.

Emotions are natural and need to be felt and expressed (e-motion   = energy in motion). If not expressed, not understood and tucked away over and over again, emotions get distorted and we start to overreact. Our emotions may boomerang one day, creating havoc to self and others.

I am fortunate to have worked with mentally and physically challenged children in Europe for more than 10 years. I say fortunate because these children taught me about inner strength and the human spirit.  They wanted to live and have fun despite their circumstances. They inspired me to come up with answers to make them ready for the world. 

I developed a program to recognize and focus on their strengths and how to deal with their feelings and emotions. I created a 'survival kit' filled with tools for happy living.

This program has emerged into several books and a special program for young children -age 3-7, called thWoolly Wizard Program. It teaches children they are in charge of their own behavior and feelings. Best of all, it teaches them that they can change how they feel despite their circumstances.  

They are taught how to 'Flip the Switch'- and how to contribute to their own well being as well as that of others. Parents and teachers also learn  concepts to reinforce the lessons and enhance the effectiveness of the program.

When children are taught these basics at an early age in an uplifting way, they are far ahead of the game and they will always remember them, no matter what. Without those basics, they may no longer be certain of who they are or where they are going. Children are wizards, we just need to remind them how to regain their self-confidence or reclaim their happiness when they feel lost.

We may not always be able or have the time to help or protect our children. Therefore, they need to have their own tools, know how to access them and  how to use them in an empowering way. We can teach children that they have a choice to be a bully wizard or a Woolly Wizard.